Success Stories

Supply Chain Company Document Management

This supply chain provider needed to address a manual item tracking process.  The current process involved excessive FTE hours and materials in order to document daily item tracking.  A variety of information and documents were required for each item tracked.  All of this information was placed into coded folders for later retrieval and eventual storage.  The process was optimized resulting in a savings of four (4) FTEs, materials, and storage costs by developing a new process and implementing a high speed scan, electronic documentation system with storage capabilities.  The system also allowed the company to access the documents from any location across the country.

Manufacturer/Assembler Integrated Customs

This multi-national industrial manufacturer/assembler requested an assessment of their Customs process and suggestions for improvement.  After on site studies in various locations were conducted and reports concluded, an integrated, operational Customs process was developed.  This process integrated Customs directly into the supply chain process which resulted in measurable improvements in tariff spend, drawback reduction, product labeling, and transit time due to properly applied Customs parameters.

Bulk Packager Operational and Managerial Optimization

This bulk packager requested assistance in identifying opportunities and developing solutions to a variety of operational and managerial challenges within the facility.  The engagement produced measurable improvements by developing and implementing key performance metrics and incorporating them into a recommended plant performance bonus structure, conducting line flow analyses and identifying and implementing efficiency metrics and activities, and providing recommendations for management reorganization which streamlined overall plant operations.  Training was provided to affected personnel with regards to performance metrics and their impact to the overall manufacturing process.

Production Line Manufacturing Project Management

An international manufacturer was transferring manufacturing capacity from one plant to another plant in a different state.  This manufacturer had the need to install a $30,000,000.00 manufacturing line.  The project involved coordination of local construction contractors, line breakdown/transfer/reassembly, production capacity and inventory management, and training.

Meeting Facilitation

An information technology team had a need for a trained, experienced facilitator to ensure that their three day event met expectations.  This event drew employees from across the country and was held to communicate direction, coordinate efforts, and discuss and determine appropriate use of resources for upcoming projects.  The event held numerous break-out sessions with brainstorming events designed to deliver results.  Event organizers were met with prior to the meeting to review the agenda, discuss and develop goals, objectives and deliverables, assign various roles from key personnel, and set ground rules for the meeting.

Emergency Response Team Development and Implementation

An international manufacturer had a need for a medical response team in their corporate headquarters.  A group of company volunteers were trained and equipped to the New York State Emergency Medical Technician – Basic level.  A communication system was developed for alerting the team and informational presentations were made to all departments to inform personnel on the capabilities of the team and the proper process for alerting them.  Coordination among the local fire department and the local ambulance service was conducted in order to provide all first responders with knowledge of the team and their capabilities.  Training remains on-going.

This same ERT system was implemented in another international manufacturer’s joint headquarters/manufacturing location and included hazardous materials response.